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InFocus Mondopad Transforms High School Classroom

Miss Vickers' classroom is part of the transformation of Roosevelt High School in Portland, OR, a Tier 1 high school receiving school improvement grants. Watch how she maximizes Mondopad's large, bright touchscreen interface and collaboration applications to inspire her students to interact and learn. Miss Vickers explains that when tools in the classroom engage students it allows the classroom to become a more collaborative environment and makes the teacher more shiny. The big touchscreen of Mondopad lets the students work on the teacher’s computer. This then allows the teacher get out from the front of the classroom and makes the students active participants in their own learning, not passive participants. She explains that the way to get kids excited about difficult subjects is to let them touch it. Kids like to watch TV and are used to receiving information in fast-paced, high engaging, high color, high gloss experiences. Mondopad uses the same medium, so it’s more approachable to them. A great activity that Miss Vickers describes is when she brought in city leaders via videoconferencing on the Mondopad to help incoming freshmen get to know their city. Students should be the constructors of their own learning, she says. That’s hard to do when they are passive recipients of a PowerPoint presentation. Students know that they may have to hear the teacher for a while, but they know that afterward they get to play with it and make it their own. Mondopad gives them the opportunity to create this learning piece, teach their peers, and get to show them how to do it. This creates a better connection between the students, which helps them understand concepts and want to get more involved.

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