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InFocus Mondopad IT Integration at Addison Fire Protection District

Joe Grandolfo, Assistant IT Manager at the Addison Fire Protection District outside of Chicago, talks about how Mondopad has helped his district save time, money and even property and lives. He speaks to the benefits of Mondopad from an IT perspective, including ease of setup, its open architecture, and flexibility of being a Windows-based PC. He also talks about Mondopad's video conferencing, sharing screens during a conference, annotation, email, connecting mobile devices, and other features they use. "The Mondopad has been a phenomenal benefit for our fire prevention district," says Joe Grandolfo, Fire Investigator, IT Division. "By using the Mondopad and its videoconferencing ability, we've been able to keep people in their respective response areas and therefore loss of life and loss of property has been decreased."

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