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See everything.
Work anywhere.

Video tells a story. Multiple stunningly-detailed video streams, together with data streams, reveal the whole story, effectively engaging your teams for faster, more effective response.


Instant connections
View a display wall from your computer, tablet or smartphone so you can stay connected to multiple information sources affecting the situation at hand from wherever you are.

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Flexible and secure
Scale up or re-configure your control wall or video stream displays with no loss of functionality. Object-level security keeps your data and access points safe.

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Superb insight, great performance
Waiting can slow decision response. Low resolution casts uncertainty when detail matters. Collaborate with 4K-quality sources in real time to get ahead of the competition.

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Engage every corner of
your global enterprise

Make well-informed decisions faster when your teams understand and share a common operating picture consisting of real-time video and data.

Powering command and control

Command and control operations that share real-time video and data bi-directionally with their first response and field teams save lives. Teams can share and annotate on live video streams, communicating and collaborating as events unfold.

You don’t have time for misunderstandings. Communicate with video and get more done.

Have more efficient meetings
when you can see faces, body language and objects. Reduce confusion, accelerate understanding, and ease your workload with video.

Save time and money on travel
when you can have meaningful face-to-face conversations with people located anywhere in the world at any time.

Develop stronger relationships
and build trust with remote colleagues and partners when you talk face to face. Great for sales and human resources.