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InFocus ConX Wall and ConX ExecInFocus ConX Wall and ConX Exec

InFocus ConX Wall and ConX Exec

InFocus ConX Wall

HD Video Conferencing and Data Visualization

Video Conferencing and Collaboration on a Video Wall as Large as You Like

Customizable to almost any size or unique requirement, ConX Wall enables you to display all of your data sources and HD video conferencing feeds on up to 96 screens.

Whether your situation demands global video conferencing, sharing information simultaneously with remote participants and people in the room, or large-scale critical communications and operations, a ConX video conferencing and visualization system is the solution.

A Solution For Every Need

Two highly-configurable solutions — ConX Wall or ConX Exec — perfect for board rooms, conference rooms, huddle rooms, CxO offices, training centers, and almost any other facility.

ConX Wall ConX Exec
Large conference room, training center, or war room Executive suite or huddle room
Up to 96 displays Up to 9 displays
Up to 8 video call local inputs
Up to 54 video wall data inputs
Up to 8 video call local inputs
Up to 20 video call participants Up to 10 video call participants
Customizable set of accessories may include: MondoCenter, Thunder Speakerphone, PTZ camera,
Surface Pro 4 Tablet, AppleTV, Miracast, LiteShow4, BiAmp TesiraForte CI/T1/V1
Comes with Thunder Speakerphone, PTZ camera, and Surface Pro 4 tablet to control displays
Offered only as rack server Offered as tower or rack server
ConX Wall

WINNER! Best New Video Wall System at ISE 2016 by rAVe

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ConX Exec
InFocus ConX Exec For installations in executive offices, huddle spaces and small to mid-size conference rooms, ConX Exec provides powerful video conferencing and collaboration capabilities in a compact size. Use on a single display or create a small video wall with up to 9 screens.

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Empowering Critical Communications and Decision-making

Making the right decisions requires accurate information and real-time access to your key employees and partners. ConX Wall provides an easy, instantaneous way to view and interact with all of your most important information sources at once.

Multiple streams of people and data become instantly intelligible and actionable when seen simultaneously on a large scale. ConX Wall integrates video and information-sharing technologies into one configurable, scalable interactive gathering. This enables a level of communication, collaboration, and mission critical decision-making never before possible.

Universal Collaboration
ConX brings people and information together from around the world in real-time so informed decisions are made fast.
  • Display and interact with video conferencing participants and data sources in full resolution
  • Conduct business-grade video calls with multiple participants from SIP and H.323 endpoints, including those using 3rd party video services
  • Remote participants can join a conference from desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Re-arrange the size and location of participant or data sources on the wall’s displays in real-time
  • Full Mondopad integration for dynamic interaction with live, user-created data
Local Content Sharing
Present and share information to ConX Wall and ConX Exec from PCs, mobile devices, and other inputs.
  • Wirelessly cast content to ConX Wall and ConX Exec from Apple, Android, Windows and Chrome devices
  • Display dedicated video data sources, such as television feeds, from multiple HDMI sources
  • Compatible with the InFocus Mondopad touchscreen system for presenting, whiteboarding and annotation
Ease of Deployment and Use
Dynamically control the multi-panel presentation and layout to match your meeting’s needs – switch the layout of your video call or data feeds from equal size windows to a mix of large and small windows, or change your viewable inputs on the fly.
  • Use the ConX web app on a tablet to call participants, change layouts, control PTZ cameras, and more
  • Integrates with room automation solutions
InFocus ConX Wall iPad