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Connect & Collaborate

Get it done together.

Great things can happen when everyone is informed and able to contribute. InFocus improves your ability to work as a team.

Seeing is believing

Communicating with video and data provides so many benefits – better understanding, less cost, and more – that you’ll never want to call without it.

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Low cost

Start for a minimal cost since video conferencing is hosted in the cloud. Plus, quality is high due to today’s high bandwidth internet services.

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Easy to use

Make a video call as easily as you would a voice call, maybe even easier. You can join a video meeting by dialing only 4 digits and entering a 4-digit passcode.

ConX Video Meeting


Call anyone with most any device, including with smartphones, tablets, laptops, video phones, and other SIP and H.323 devices – no matter where you are.

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Work better together

Get more from your meetings with the award-winning touchscreen solution for presenting, video conferencing, whiteboarding, and more.

You don’t have time for misunderstandings. Communicate with video and get more done.

Have more efficient meetings
when you can see faces, body language and objects. Reduce confusion, accelerate understanding, and ease your workload with video.

Save time and money on travel
when you can have meaningful face-to-face conversations with people located anywhere in the world at any time.

Develop stronger relationships
and build trust with remote colleagues and partners when you talk face to face. Great for sales and human resources.

View & interact with all your critical information

Display all of your data sources and HD video conferencing feeds on up to 96 screens – customized for your board room, CxO office, or training center.

Video calling as easy as voice calling

Hear every word.
See every face.